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Friday, November 21, 2014

Grizzly bear photo confirmed with video that shows the entire episode

Grizzly bear photo taken by Jim Lawrence.
The grizzly bear photo that went viral a few weeks ago, the one that seemingly shows the furry creature looking into a camera about to take a photograph, now has video confirmation from another wildlife photographer who was shooting from the opposite side of where the prized photo was snapped. 

But first, some background, as first reported by GrindTV Outdoor.
A Canadian wildlife photographer attempting to get photos of a grizzly bear fishing for kokanee salmon in a river in the British Columbia Rocky Mountains got far more than he bargained for—in a good way—when the grizzly started toward him. 
Jim Lawrence of Kaslo, B.C., set up his camera on a tripod in an opening in the bush, anticipating that the grizzly would make its way downriver so he could get a photo from across the river.
“I should know better than to guess what a bear is going to do,” Lawrence told GrindTV Outdoor in an email. “He crossed to my side and scrambled up the bank, at which point I dashed back to the truck for another camera [with a shorter lens]. 
“They say intelligent species are curious and the big bear was no exception. He approached the camera cautiously, sniffing deeply, then stood up for a closer inspection. For the longest time he studied the screen and buttons; then, with a huge long-nailed paw, gently tugged on the strap. The weight of the long lens caused the camera to pivot quickly upward, startling the big fellow, at which point he kind of shrugged and went back [to] fishing.”
The other side of the story about the grizzly bear photo surface this week via another wildlife photographer. Heidi Henke, shooting on the opposite side of Lawrence, captured video of the entire episode and shows how the lucky shot was obtained. It was just like Lawrence described it to GrindTV Outdoor.


“[The video] came out awesome,” Henke told Huffington PostCanada. “It shows the whole thing. It was pretty cool.”

No question.

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