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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rabbit runs into and across an avalanche, and somehow survives

A white rabbit (circled) races across an avalanche in amazing video. 

Video of a professional snowboarder riding out of an avalanche near Snow Valley Lodge in Kamchatka, Russia, also captured the incredible moment when a white rabbit scampered into and across the avalanche.
Snowboarder David Carrier Porcheron, aka DCP, was being filmed as part of a movie organized by Helipro, a Russian tourist company for winter and summer activities.
Difficult to see at first, the footage of the white rabbit posted by Helipro on Vimeo zoomed in to get a closer look at the brave bunny, revealing “the best survival technique.”
Here is the amazing video, aptly accompanied by the popular ditty from 1939 “Run Rabbit Run”:

“What a ‘hare’-raising experience,” one commenter wrote under the Vimeo post.
“Pretty wild. Rabbit’s got skill,” another said.
“Awesome rabbit—I would not have made it,” yet another stated.
Someone asked whether the rabbit actually did make it all the way across, and Helipro gave the assurance that it did, saying, “He survived and has a beautiful life in Kamchatka!”
First appeared on GrindTV 

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Snowboarder survives avalanche with airbag (video)

As you get ready to snowboard down the side of a mountain and the snow decides to take you for a ride on top of an avalanche, what do you do?

If you are wearing a Float 30 on your back, you deploy the safety device immediately and ride out the avalanche with your head held high.

That's exactly what professional snowboarder Meesh Hytner did on Jan. 25 when snowboarding near the Snake River drainage in the Montezuma, Colo., area. Someone at a safer location captured it on film and posted it on YouTube. Watch:

Just as an airbag saves lives in car accidents, the airbag in the BCA Float 30 can save the lives of skiers and snowboarders who venture into the backcountry and get caught in an avalanche. BCA says the airbag not only helps prevent burial but protects the head, neck and upper body from trauma.

"I felt like I was riding a mattress down the stairs," Hytner told the blog.

For BCA, the maker of these inflatable safety devices, the incident was another endorsement for its product and its life-saving capability.

From the blog:
The avalanche danger for the Vail-Summit zone was considerable that day on all aspects and elevations, with human-triggered avalanches likely. Meesh and company had snowmobiled up to snowboard the northeast faces, some of which had already slid. She was very lucky to have survived unscathed. “Thank you” she told us, “this thing saved my life. It’s proof that this product works.”
Interestingly, several of the commenters at the end of the BackcountryAccess blog were critical about the decision to even snowboard that hill, questioning the knowledge these professional snowboarders ought to have had to avoid such a situation.

Nobody was questioning the intelligence of wearing a Float 30, however.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Shaun White scores first perfect 100 in Winter X Games superpipe

Shaun White was told by his mother to slow down. He was 6 years old. Before the age of 5, Shaun White had already undergone two cardiac surgeries because of a congenital heart defect.

At age 6, Shaun White took up snowboarding and his mother was concerned for her son's heart, so she ordered him to slow down. His mother told him he could only snowboard backwards, aka switch riding or riding fakie.

Mother's edict, while it might have slowed him down in the beginning, actually helped Shaun White develop his snowboarding ability, and he hasn't slowed down since.

Certainly there was nothing slowing down Shaun White in the superpipe at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colo., on Sunday night -- not an ankle sprain or the fact he'd already clinched his fifth consecutive gold medal in the discipline with a 94.00 on his first run.

Not one to slow down, in his third and final run, one he could've turned into a simple victory lap, Shaun White instead made an encore run for the ages.

This is perfection -- watch and be amazed by the 25-year-old Flying Tomato:

The ESPN announcer said at the end, "Whether it's scored the highest or not it’s hands down the best run we’ve ever seen in history."

Indeed, Shaun White's last run in the superpipe made history. He laid down a perfect 100.00 -- a first in the 16-year history of the Winter X Games.

Here's how James Sullivan from described it:
Shaun White broke new ground in the history of the sport. Combing jaw-dropping amplitude, text-book skill and style and a technical difficulty never before seen. White executed the first truly perfect performance in Winter X Games history including an 18-foot backside air, a 17-foot frontside double cork 1080, an 11-foot switch frontside double cork 1080, a 14-foot frontside cork 540, a 13-foot backside double cork 1260 and a 12-foot frontside double cork 1260 -- the first back-to-back double cork in Winter X history.

The judges concurred perfection was at hand and awarded him with an immaculate score of 100.

A surreal moment for the global audience but not a speechless one for Shaun White.

"It was bizarre - and my coach Bud Keene was saying 'They're going to give you a 100 if you make it.' I'm thinking he was very excited. But I don't know, I just came through it and everything felt perfect. I was landing the 10 at the top and the cab double came through perfect. I don't know if I have ever landed my double Mc12 as clean as I have tonight so that just set myself up perfect for the frontside double cork 12. I guess it's the first (time) ever to do back-to-back double cork 12s. What a night!"
On his Facebook page, Shaun White merely wrote, "X Games 16, what an unreal night!"

Clearly, Shaun White, himself amazed at his feat, has the heart of a champion. Thanks, in large part, to his mother.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Vail resorts to snow dance; Lake Tahoe ski resorts could use one, too

Lake Tahoe ski resorts, take note.

If you are lacking in snow for the winter sports season, as the ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region are, hire a Native American to do a snow dance.

Are you listening, Squaw Valley? Northstar-at-Tahoe? Heavenly? Alpine Meadows?

Look what happened at Vail Ski Resort in Colorado.

Vail was reporting a 15 percent decrease in total skier visits at its six properties, and Vail’s popular back bowls had been roped off late into the season because of a lack of snow, according to The Wall Street Journal.

So what did Vail do?

It hired Eddie Box Jr., 66, a member of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe of Colorado, to do a snow dance, much to the delight of skiers and snowboarders.

Here’s how it went:

Since the snow dance was performed on Jan. 7, Vail has received at least 25 inches of snow, and the back bowls opened Thursday for the first time this ski season, the WSJ reported.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time Vail brought in a Native American to perform a snow dance. Box’s father performed the first snow dance at Vail in 1963. By the end of that day, the mountain was covered with eight inches of snow.

Like other mountain resorts across the U.S., Lake Tahoe resorts are starving for fresh powder for the skiing and snowboarding season. The region just recently broke a record of 56 straight dry days, including a completely dry December. Can you say snow dancer?

Ah, but finally on Friday, the Tahoe resorts were starting to get some snow, according to Ski Lake Tahoe.

But if the Tahoe ski resorts really want a good dumping of fresh powder, they might want to call Vail to get the phone number for Box.

A snow dance sure couldn’t hurt.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A crow goes snowboarding down a snowy roof

Shaun White might be the snowboarding king, but even he will appreciate the ability of this first-time snowboarder snowboarding down the side of a roof.

At least we're presuming the crow is a first-time snowboarder.

Yes, that's right. A crow. A black crow. A snowboarding crow. If you don't believe us, we'll eat, uh, crow.

See for yourself:

See, we told you it was a snowboarding crow. Or a snowboarding bird, if you prefer. Or as someone else put it, crowboarding. Or a sledding crow.

For those who are video impaired, this is what happened on the YouTube video: The crow used a circular snowboard to slide down the side of the roof. The bird picked up its snowboard and flew back to the top of the roof and tried a different route, only to be thwarted because of a lack of snow.

The bird picked up the snowboard and flew back to the top of the roof. Then, the crow went sliding down the same route as the first time, and with great success we might add. It again picked up the snowboard and returned to the top of the roof. From there, the bird picked up the weird-looking snowboard and flew off to join Shaun White & Co. at an unknown ski resort.

Near as we can tell, this was shot somewhere in Russia, considering the nyet used in the conversation by one of the kids. The children and parents were watching and laughing -- and videotaping -- from a window.

BTW, take care of that cough, little guy. And keep those snowboarding crow videos coming.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snowboarder jumps over moving train near Lake Tahoe

Back in the day, seems it was only daredevil Evel Knievel acting crazy and jumping over things, doing so while riding a motorcycle. Cars, buses, fountains, canyons -- some jumps were successful, some went splat.

Nowadays, all kinds of extreme and action sports enthusiasts are jumping over everything. For instance, there was kite surfer Jake Scrace jumping over a pier and some BMXer jumping over a moving ramp (which didn’t turn out so good).

So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that the latest to achieve Internet attention is a snowboarder who jumped over a moving train. Yes, a moving train. Why not?

Actually, it’s been done before -- 20 years ago by Temple Cummins and Andy Hetzel. The latest achievement was by snowboarder Trevor Jacob, who provides 1 minute, 17 seconds of YouTube entertainment by jumping the “legendary train gap” near Lake Tahoe. Enjoy...

Sweet. But next time, how about a Board Slide off the roof of the boxcar?

SpyBubble: A Cell-phone tracking device now available for public!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Skiing vs. snowboarding: Which makes biggest powder wall?

A winner will never be determined in the age-old debate over which winter sport is superior, skiing or snowboarding? Or in this case, which can throw the biggest wall of powder, skiing or snowboarding?

But First Ascent Ski Guide Reggie Crist and professional snowboarder Chris Coulter at least try to settle the "powder wall" debate with this friendly competition in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. They include a bit about splitboarding and throw in a very nice wipeout for good measure: 

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