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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Shark jumps out of water during surfing contest in Australia

shark jumps out of water
A shark jumps out of the water during a surfing contest. Photo by Step Bellamy 

Story originally appeared on GrindTV Outdoor

A woman using the camera on her smartphone captured the moment a shark jumped out of the water in the middle of a surfing competition Sunday in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Steph Bellamy described it to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as her “Oh my God” moment.

“I took a shot, but as I stood up there was a splash and I thought, 'What was that?' and hit the button to take another photograph,” she told ABC News. “Then I heard the judges say, 'Wow, what was that?' and I expanded the shot out so I could have a look and it was as plain as day. … It was a shark, and quite a large one.

“When everyone saw my photo they said, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, it’s not a dolphin, it’s not a tuna, it’s actually a shark.’”

After looking at the photo, contest officials from the Coffs Harbour Boardriders Club immediately called in to shore the mothers and kids who were participating in a special heat.

Fifteen minutes later, the surfing contest resumed without incident, the Associated Press reported

Bellamy said the shark actually jumped out of the water twice and it was “pot luck” that she captured the shark’s second jump. She believes the shark was chasing some sort of fish.

“He certainly wasn’t after any of the mums, that’s for sure, which is a good thing,” Bellamy told ABC News.

Swimmers described the shark as black with a white belly and estimated it was about 8-feet long. A shark expert told AP it was probably a spinner shark, common in the region and known to jump out of the water.

“Nobody was rattled,” Bellamy told AP. “Everybody was really cool and blown away that I got the shot.”

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