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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kitesurfing over a pier: Lewis Crathern stars in 'The Man that touched the Sky'

Before you conclude Lewis Crathern of the UK is crazy, consider first the efforts he's making to publicize the populous, including schoolchildren, about the importance of wind power as a renewable energy.

And he is educating the masses in a very unique way: With kitesurfing (aka kiteboarding).

Story about jumping Brighton Pier in UK's The Sun.
OK, now the crazy part.

If you missed it, Crathern, a four-time British pro men's kitesurfing champion, gained world-wide fame in November 2010 when he became the first to jump Brighton Pier in the UK. He did it while kitesurfing.

Today, the behind-the-scenes story of that historic and daring (or crazy, if you prefer) jump over the pier is making the rounds on the Internet in the form of a documentary.

"The Man that Touched the Sky" is a 29-minute film (click above) that premiered at the 2011 Brighton Film Festival but is posted on YouTube.

The Summary:

The Man that touched the sky is an in depth look at the pioneering kite jumping extraordinaire Lewis Crathern preparing for the biggest jump of his life over Brighton Pier, an exclusive look behind the scenes into Lewis' life, showing never seen before footage with him preparing for his infamous jump months before it happened. The documentary touches on the emotions, physical strength training, precision weather monitoring and pure skill to achieve such a dramatic result. Lewis' pier jumping achievement created a frenzy of media reaching beyond the realms of Brighton to be a phenomenon of global explosion. It also explores why Lewis is searching for new challenges outside the competition circuit and how he uses kitesurfing and wind energy as a tool to teach others whilst increasing eco awareness.
"I am stoked to be involved in a film which will really help the public understand what kitesurfing is about," Crathern said in promotional material, and spoken like a true surfer dude.

Interestingly, in the film, he says this about jumping the Brighton Pier: "It made me feel alive. It made me feel like a human being."

It baffles the mind as to why someone would say jumping a pier with a kitesurfing board makes you feel like a human being. Wouldn't it make you feel more like a bird? An airplane? A misguided surfer?

Regardless, it's a very cool stunt, and an impressive documentary.

BTW: If you'd like to see the jump in 16 seconds, click "Official Kitesurfer jumps Brighton Pier! Kitesurfing champion 'Lewis Crathern.'"

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kiteboarder makes crazy crane jump in South Africa

Nick Jacobsen takes an extreme sport to the extreme, climbing a huge crane for a kiteboarding launch like no other.

Take a look:

Kiteboarder Jacobsen performed the "crane jump" stunt in Table View Bay in South Africa. It was captured in photos by Stefan van der Kamp. Kitecentre Zanzibar had the video.

As extreme goes, it's pretty impressive.


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vietnam: A windsurfing/kitesurfing mecca?

The mere mention of Vietnam conjures negative images for many Americans. Ah, but the times have changed, my friends. Today, mention Vietnam to the world’s action-sports crowd and watch them drool.

Or at least watch the windsurfers and kitesurfers drool.

We’re not quite sure they’d call Vietnam a mecca for wind sports, but chances are pretty good that they are probably familiar with Mui Ne, a coastal resort town in Binh Thuan Province of Southeastern Vietnam.

It’s “Where the wind blows,” according to the website of the Jibe’s Beach Club, which boasts of being the first kitesurfing and windsurfing center in Vietnam.  It is one of four kitesurfing schools in Mui Ne.

Mui Ne Beach, as you might have gathered, is known for strong sea breezes, making it very popular for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The tourist season, according to Wikipedia, is December to May.

Interestingly, the area also offers two championship golf courses, Sea Links (at right) and Ocean Dunes Golf Club, the latter designed by Nick Faldo. Of course, wind and golf -- yes, well, maybe plan to play early in the morning.

In February, a Grand Slam event will be held in Mui Ne -- the windsurfing variety not golfing. The 2011 Vietnam PWA Grand Slam is Feb. 25-March 5. It is the first event of the season for the Professional Windsurfers Association.

Mui Ne is located in the south east of Vietnam, on the south China sea. The area has grown up around the fishing industry, but more recently has become a tourist hot spot thanks to the beaches, bars and restaurants.

The area is increasingly gaining notoriety within the windsurfing world as a result of the reliable seas breezes that blow for over 230 days of the year. Typically the water state is fairly flat, with wind blown chop, and other than some shore break there are rarely waves to be found.

No stranger to competition, Mui Ne has proven its self as a top rated race location, having hosted 11 Fun Cup slalom contests in the past, which frequently attract some of the biggest names in racing.
Clearly, Vietnam is not what it used to be.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rhinos Wave Charge turns into a kitesurfing snowfest

Rhinos Wave Charge 27th Nov 2010. from Rhinos Wave Charge on Vimeo.

Kitesurfing is considered an action sport, but last weekend's kitesurfing event off the Ireland coast could have been called an extreme sport. As in extreme temperatures. As in sub-freezing temperatures. As in three inches of snow.

The above video posted by Rhinos Wave Charge the other day said it was the coldest temperatures ever recorded in Ireland. Can't confirm that, but the country is definitely experiencing a big chill.

Also, not much was written about the 2010 Rhinos Wave Charge on the northern side of the Dingle Peninsula, though Surfer Today reported today that Mark Barry was the best rider of the year.

So we're guessing the Irishman won the event. Doesn't matter, the video offers a great compilation of kitesurfing photos and video worth seeing. Take a look as you sit around the fire -- and share with your friends!

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