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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shark invades New Jersey yard in wake of Hurricane Sandy, maybe

Hurricane Sandy left behind a massive amount of damage, with neighborhoods flooding as never seen before. Something else that’s never been seen before: A shark swimming around the front yard in a flooded neighborhood.

It allegedly happened in Brigantine, N.J., where Kevin McCarty shot off some photos of a shark swimming near his flooded house and posted them on Facebook. They’ve been going viral ever since.

With the ocean so close and the amount of flooding from Hurricane Sandy, there is reason to believe that McCarty didn’t Photoshop the shark into the photos, though some are skeptical and The Atlantic set out to prove those skeptics correct, if Snopes is to be believed.

“This photo is real,” McCarty asserted about the above shark photo on his Facebook page.

“This is a reality, sharks seek harbor in the safety corridors of streets during surges.”

We sure would like to believe him, but Photoshop really can do marvelous things like making fake images of sharks where they aren't supposed to be. Like swimming in a yard. 

Now, the video below, taken of a “shark” on a New York street during the surge from Hurricane Sandy? Uh, yeah, that’s also a fake.

But we did like what one commenter said about the fake shark below: “That’s just a Wall Street trader or a lawyer.”

You know, it very well could’ve been just that.

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