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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hunters befriend deer while hunting for wild turkey (video)

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Stay away from hunters. That’s usually Lesson No. 1 for deer in the wild. Stay far, far away. And, generally, most deer do stay far, far away from hunters.

So imagine the surprise of hunters Steve Hunt and Rick Lehman on the first day of turkey hunting season deep in the woods of southern Tuscarawas County in Ohio -- when a deer walked up to their turkey blind.

"She walked in and started playing with our turkey decoys," Hunt told in Cleveland.

Then, the brave deer inched closer to the camouflaged hunters hiding in the blind.

Soon, the hunters were feeding the doe potato chips, and one hunter went so far as having the deer take a potato chip from his mouth.

Apparently, this doe never learned Lesson No. 1.

Hunt caught the entire episode on video, and gives us the entire story right here (sorry about the short ad):  

And no, in case you missed it, the hunters never once thought about shooting the deer.

"There's a lot of ethics behind hunting it’s not a matter of just going out and killing animals, I don't go out and kill animals, I hunt animals and yes I do eat what I shoot," said Hunt.
"It makes you look at hunting a whole different way," said Lehman.
 No word, however, on whether they bagged any wild turkey.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hunting Bigfoot in Texas is OK; Sasquatch is not happy

Bigfoot was not very happy to hear Texas hunters can hunt him.

They hunt deer in Texas. They hunt pheasant, turkey, dove and quail, too. They even hunt alligators.

Now you can add Bigfoot to the hunting mix.

No, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department hasn't added Bigfoot to its hunting regulations. But, as it turns out, Bigfoot is indirectly listed as "nongame" wildlife and would be legal to shoot. Seriously.

What started the "hunting Bigfoot" talk was John Lloyd Scharf, a Sasquatch enthusiast from Oregon who posed a question to the TPWD about hunting unknown creatures in Texas.

TPWD chief of staff Lt. David Sinclair told he responded with a description of the law, though he claims to have been taken "wildly out of context."

Nevertheless, Texas hunting regulations seem to indicate shooting Bigfoot would be perfectly legal.

[...The] rules Sinclair cites are clear: It would be legal to shoot Sasquatch.

"Nongame" means wildlife indigenous to Texas that aren't deer, sheep, geese, alligators, or any other animal hunted for food. If the Commission doesn’t specifically list a beast -- and needless to say, Bigfoot doesn’t make the list -- it isn’t protected.

So Bigfoot a Longhorn? Absolutely, said Brian Brown, media coordinator for the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

"We've got hundreds of sightings going back decades. I don't think we'd have any problem proving it's indigenous. We think they're all over the region," Brown told

Oregon resident Scharf worried that the policy could be interpreted as "kill it first, ID it after." He thinks it could even lead to premature extinction of the Bigfoot species. [...]  
The real Bigfoot, allegedly.
.Brown argued that killing a Bigfoot is a necessary way to prove its existence.

"Our primary mission is to conserve these animals. They cannot be conserved until they are accepted as fact. They will not be accepted as fact until a type specimen is produced. It's as simple as that," he wrote on the group's website,
According to the report, Texas has one of the nation's highest incidents of Bigfoot sightings, following Washington, California, Oregon, Ohio and Florida.

Our guess is that Texas hunters will stick to hunting deer and other species they know to exist. After all, who could shoot an animal with a face like that in the above photo?

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