Friday, September 7, 2018

Kangaroos make cycling difficult for rider in Australia

A cyclist was riding with some buddies near Prospect Reservoir in Western Sydney, Australia, when confronted by a kangaroo that thought it could jump through him.

“Normally we see kangaroos, but [they] never really come into close contact,” Neil told Cycliq. “This last ride saw two kangaroos panic and turn to change direction, with one launching and landing on my front wheel.”

  From BNQT: Can you spot the hidden animals?

Daily Mail Australia reported that the cyclist named Neil had asked his fellow riders to aslow down several times because of possible collisions. He then changed lanes to avoid hitting the animal, which jumped directly at him. Farther along on the ride, another kangaroo crossed his path, prompting him to say, “Oh, not again!”

He avoided a possible collision that time. The rider was not injured, nor were the kangaroos.


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