Friday, September 7, 2018

Grizzly bear cruises along at 30 mph

Out of the corner of her eye, an Alaskan woman driving down Rabbit Creek Road in south Anchorage saw a shadow and thought it was a bird until taking a second look.

 “It was a little bit bigger than a bird,” Danika Donnelly told KTUU. In fact, it was a grizzly bear racing alongside her and easily keeping up at 30 mph.


Donnelly, 21, was on her way to work at a drive-thru coffee shop in Anchorage at around 8 o’clock Wednesday morning when the unusual encounter occurred, according to Jared Gilmour of McClathy Newspapers.

 Once she realized it was a bear, “I had to take a video,” she told the Gilmour, because “this was never going to happen again.”

 Black bears are common in the area, but she told Gilmour it was “really uncommon to see such a large bear in a neighborhood like that.” She told KTUU, “It was way too big to be a black bear.”

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To those who have suggested she was harassing the bear by driving next to it, Donnelly told Gilmour she wasn’t honking her horn or doing anything to stress the bear, instead the bear seemed content and was already running beside her when she noticed it.

 “It was doing its own thing,” Donnelly told Gilmour. “It looked right at me. It could have run off into the woods at any point, but it just kept going straight.”

 Until finally veering off into a driveway and who knows where after that. Donnelly posted the video on her Facebook page with this message, which is worth remembering: “For anyone that thinks they can outrun a grizzly…you can’t.”

  Photo is a screen grab from the video. 

Kangaroos make cycling difficult for rider in Australia

A cyclist was riding with some buddies near Prospect Reservoir in Western Sydney, Australia, when confronted by a kangaroo that thought it could jump through him.

“Normally we see kangaroos, but [they] never really come into close contact,” Neil told Cycliq. “This last ride saw two kangaroos panic and turn to change direction, with one launching and landing on my front wheel.”

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Daily Mail Australia reported that the cyclist named Neil had asked his fellow riders to aslow down several times because of possible collisions. He then changed lanes to avoid hitting the animal, which jumped directly at him. Farther along on the ride, another kangaroo crossed his path, prompting him to say, “Oh, not again!”

He avoided a possible collision that time. The rider was not injured, nor were the kangaroos.