Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Climber freezes, becoming human icicle hanging from edge of rooftop

A well-known and experienced industrial climber was found frozen to death and hanging like an icicle from the edge of a roof in Russia where extreme subzero temperatures were forcing people to remain indoors.

A small girl spotted the grisly scene outside the three-story building in Anzhero-Sudzhensk where overnight temperatures dropped to minus-80-degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Daily Mail and the SiberianTimes.

Yevgeny Tikhonov, 26, who enjoyed his work repairing many tall buildings, was found covered in snow and with icicles hanging from the bottoms of his feet.

The Siberian Times reported that it was believed he had been there for two hours before being discovered. The Daily Mail said there were no indications that the climber took his own life.

The climber lived and worked in Anzhero-Sudzhensk, and had a girlfriend, a female friend said. 
"He loved working as industrial climber and often joked with us that he only came down to sleep," she said. 
Rescuers, police, Russian Guards and the Investigative Committee were called to the site. 
An investigation is underway into the circumstances of his death. 

In the region of Yakutia, Russia, temperatures plunged to minus 88.6 degrees in some areas, according to the Associated Press.

Two men froze to death after their car broke down and they attempted to walk to a nearby farm. Three others survived because they had been wearing warmer clothing.

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