Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fishermen jump for their lives to avoid speeding boat on collision course

Three fishermen had only one way out when a speeding Bayliner on a collision course approached them. Photo: YouTube 

Three salmon fishermen avoided death or serious injury by jumping into the frigid waters of the Columbia River after failing to get the attention of the driver of a speeding boat that was headed their way at high speed.

The frantic moments were caught on a GoPro camera mounted at the front the boat, as reported by The Oregonian.

Hermiston police officer Bryan Maess, seen in the video waving his arms and yelling at the driver of the oncoming Bayliner Trophy motorboat, fellow officer Christopher McMahon and Roni Durham only had one option as the boat zeroed in on them:

The incident occurred over the summer, but the video was just posted online Tuesday, coinciding with the news that Maess had filed a $372,500 lawsuit against the driver of the offending boat--Marlin Lee Larsen. McMahon and Durham plan to also file suit.

Clatsop County sheriff’s deputies accused boat driver Marlin Lee Larsen of several crimes after the 75-year-old told investigators he couldn’t see where he was driving because he was sitting down and the dash of his boat was blocking his view. Larsen said he probably should have been standing, according to the sheriff’s report, which notes Larsen uses a motorized scooter to get around on land. 
Larsen’s son-in-law, who also was on the boat, told investigators that he had warned his father-in-law to pay attention, that he sometimes sees his father-in-law using his cell phone while driving the boat and that his father-in-law had been off-and-on his cell phone the morning of the crash, according to the sheriff’s report. 
The lawsuit, filed earlier this month, claims Larsen was boating while distracted by his cell phone on the morning of the Aug. 12, 2017, when the crash occurred near the mouth of the Columbia at the Pacific Ocean, just east of Fort Stevens State Park. 
Sheriff’s investigators wrote that it was likely Maess and the others would have been seriously injured or killed if they hadn’t jumped into the water.
As it was, the suit says Maess suffered vision problems, headaches and injuries to his ankle, leg and arm from jumping into the water or being struck by debris, and he still wears a knee brace to this day.

The others suffered unspecified injuries including cuts and hypothermia. Durham also suffered psychological trauma.

The Oregonian said that Larsen pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor crimes or reckless operation of a boat, fourth-degree assault and recklessly endangering the lives of others.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Climber freezes, becoming human icicle hanging from edge of rooftop

A well-known and experienced industrial climber was found frozen to death and hanging like an icicle from the edge of a roof in Russia where extreme subzero temperatures were forcing people to remain indoors.

A small girl spotted the grisly scene outside the three-story building in Anzhero-Sudzhensk where overnight temperatures dropped to minus-80-degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Daily Mail and the SiberianTimes.

Yevgeny Tikhonov, 26, who enjoyed his work repairing many tall buildings, was found covered in snow and with icicles hanging from the bottoms of his feet.

The Siberian Times reported that it was believed he had been there for two hours before being discovered. The Daily Mail said there were no indications that the climber took his own life.

The climber lived and worked in Anzhero-Sudzhensk, and had a girlfriend, a female friend said. 
"He loved working as industrial climber and often joked with us that he only came down to sleep," she said. 
Rescuers, police, Russian Guards and the Investigative Committee were called to the site. 
An investigation is underway into the circumstances of his death. 

In the region of Yakutia, Russia, temperatures plunged to minus 88.6 degrees in some areas, according to the Associated Press.

Two men froze to death after their car broke down and they attempted to walk to a nearby farm. Three others survived because they had been wearing warmer clothing.

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Bull shark strikes out against pod of hippos; video

Safari tourists in South Africa were treated to an unexpected confrontation between a bull shark and a pod of hippos that didn’t last very long.

Stacey Farrell of Heritage Tours and Safaris was leading tourists on a hippo and crocodile cruise in an estuary at the ISimangaliso Wetland Park in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal Province when the incident occurred.

Obviously the bull shark was overmatched:

Farrell described what happened to Kruger Sightings:

“Since hippos defecate in the water, this draws a lot of fish. If there are a lot of fish, it grabs the attention of the nearby sharks looking for a quick meal.

“This water isn’t very clear, causing visibility to be very low. This made the shark a bit disoriented and it started swimming right into the sharks. This caused the hippos to get angry and start charging the shark.

“Luckily for the shark, it was much faster than the hippos and managed to swim away without serious damage.”

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