Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Actor Rob Lowe encounters great white sharks off California; video

Actor Rob Lowe felt relatively safe and showed no fear while paddleboarding around two great white sharks off Santa Barbara, California, but a shark expert indicated to “Good Morning America” that he might have had a false sense of security.

Lowe, who was captured in video with the sharks by a TMZ film crew last weekend, told the news outlet, “You just can’t believe your eyes. They’re so powerful, and you definitely don’t want to fall in.”

Lowe, who has spent a great deal of time on the water in his lifetime of fishing and surfing, had never seen a great white shark until the encounter last weekend in which he described as a “once in a lifetime” moment.

The two great white sharks were as big or bigger than Lowe’s paddleboard, but the actor had a sense of calm around the apex predators.

“I don’t pretend to be expert on it, but my sense is they’re eating the rays and the skates; they’re not big enough to eat seals so I don’t feel like we’re on the menu for them,” Lowe told TMZ. “They’re tiny as great white sharks go. I wouldn’t be out here if mom were out here.”

Rob Lowe paddling with great white sharks

Dr. Stephen Kajiura, a shark expert from Florida Atlantic University, told “Good Morning America” that the smaller great white sharks feed primarily on fishes and don’t hunt for larger prey “until they’re much bigger and their teeth become big, broad, triangular serrated teeth.”

Still, Kajiura said those who encounter a great white shark should feel lucky (seeing them in nature is like “winning the lottery,” he said) but should get out of the water.

"Just because he's inches above these small sharks doesn't mean that there's not a big one down there as well," Kajiura told GMA.