Friday, August 12, 2016

Bear shows motherly instincts when cubs get swept down Brooks Falls

A bear cam at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park in Alaska caught a poignant moment when a mother bear came to the rescue of its three cubs, or came to their side for a scolding is probably more like it.

A brown bear known as Grazer was standing atop Brooks Falls looking downstream waiting for a salmon to jump into its range. Bears typically catch the jumping salmon in their teeth.

But when Grazer looked to her left, she saw one of her three cubs get swept over the falls. And when another headed down the falls, Grazer did what mothers do. She went to her children’s aid:

A third cub also went over the falls, but all of them were OK., which operates the bear cam at Brooks Falls in concert with Katmai National Park, wrote this on its Facebook post: “And the Mother of the Year award goes to … Grazer!!!”

Well deserved.  

h/t Washington Post 

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  1. At the first glace I was worried coz lost family member always hurt me. Especially when an cool wild lost her cub and can't do anything, so sorry for them.

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