Monday, April 20, 2015

Tourists can't believe what this zebra is about to do

Zebra at Kruger National Park is walking into an ambush of lions

When lions hunt, they need to be close to their prey because they can only run fast in short bursts. So when an unsuspecting zebra in Kruger National Park started walking toward a hiding pride of lions, the lions had to be salivating. The zebra appeared doomed.

A group of tourists on safari at the famous South Africa game reserve knew the lions were waiting in ambush mode and were incredulous that the zebra didn’t notice them. Here’s the video one of the tourists shot that is aptly entitled “Lions miss the easiest zebra meal ever” (warning for minor expletive):

It was an adrenaline rush for both zebra and tourists, as the zebra apparently caught sight of the lions just in the nick of time, bolting off before walking right into the lions’ jaws.

The incident occurred on the H6, a tar road near Satara that cuts through very open plains where zebras and blue wildebeests are very common and attract lions—and tourists.

The tourists had these reactions:

“You blew it guys.”

“They had him right there.”

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