Thursday, July 3, 2014

Elephant takes world’s first elephant selfie at a safari park

Elephant takes the world's first elephant selfie

An elephant at the West Midlands Safari Park in Worcester, U.K., has apparently taken the world’s first elephant selfie. Yes, an elephant took a photo of itself.

How did it happen?

Safari park visitor Scott Brierley kicked off this summer by taking selfies while driving through the elephant enclosure, according to the U.K. MailOnline. You can see the selfie he took with the elephant below. Unfortunately, he dropped his iPhone while in the elephant enclosure and keepers instructed him to remain in his car and keep moving.

So he left his iPhone behind.

Later, a staff member retrieved the phone and returned it to Brierley, who got the shock of his life when he looked at his photos. There, a close-up photo of Latabe, a 22-year-old African elephant, stared back at him.

“The elephant was all over it [the phone],” Brierley explained to the U.K. MailOnline. “I think he thought it was food…I really couldn’t believe when the iPhone came back, I pressed the center button to check it was still working and wow, there it was. Me and my friend were in shock.”

The elephant actually took two selfies, though only the one you see here turned out.

“Lots of people have dropped their phones at our park, but I've never seen anything like this,” Andy Plumb, headkeeper, told MailOnline. “What a picture. We’re very proud of Latabe.”

So there you go, the world’s first elephant selfie. Or as the MailOnline called it, an elphie.

Scott Brierley took a selfie with an elephant,
which later took the world's first elephant selfie
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