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Highliners complete a first: Highline across line stretched between two cable cars 1,200 feet over French Alps

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Two daredevils accomplished what certainly must be a first when they successfully walked across a two-inch wire stretched 197 feet between two cable cars 1,247 feet above the French Alps near Mont Blanc. Frenchmen Julien Millot and Trancrede Melet, expert base jumpers and highliners who both admit to being afraid of heights, completed the daring feat one by one while attached to a safety rope as camera crews captured the moments in photos and videos. ITN New has the astonishing story in the above video.

The stunt was performed to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Paradiski ski resort and the cable car transport system, said to be one of the largest in the world. Millot and Melet were perfect for the task, considering they are members of a group called Skyliners that travels the globe performing various stunts and extreme sports such as highlining and rock climbing, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. Hard to believe they’d be afraid of heights, though.

“We’re all scared of heights,” Millot said in the ITN. “It can show differently on different people. What is common to both of us is that despite being afraid of heights, we love to play with heights on a daily basis. We like to confront ourselves to heights whether being on the highline or jumping, and with our friends we use heights because we want to make the most out of nature.”

In a separate interview on a EuroNewsCenter report (see it below), Melet added, “We have no choice but to trust our equipment because it’s our lifeline. Our approach is to go step by step. We don’t overestimate or underestimate ourselves. We just do what we can when we’re ready. Julien and I are both engineers so we are rigorous with the installations, and that allows us to have a clear mind and avoid any dangerous hazards.”

So, with clear minds and dangerous hazards avoided, the Frenchmen went about completing a walk between two cable cars. Amazing.

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