Friday, December 13, 2013

Funny video shows venomous snake on windshield shocking Aussies

Two Australians were driving along in Brisbane when suddenly they noticed a snake crawling along the base of the windshield outside the car. Not just any snake, mind you, but a venomous red-bellied black snake. They stopped the car, and Ben Lehmann shot video as the two tried to determine the best method of removing the creepy crawler. “Do we hit the wipers?” Lehmann asks. “I don’t want to hurt him.” When he decides to hit the windshield wipers, the reaction is hysterical. Watch the edited and bleeped version of this funny video from 9News National:

Lehmann wrote on his original post on YouTube, “Driving down a 3 lane road at 70 km/hr when this little fella pops his head up and says G’Day. Excuse the swearing. I got a little excited.”

You can watch the original funny video in its entirety here, though it is filled with expletives, as is the follow-up video that shows how the snake finally drops off the car.

Fortunately, 9News National gives us the entire episode in edited form, along with informing us that the red-bellied black snake venom is rarely fatal but causes blood clots, and muscle and nerve damage.

Wrote one commenter, “[It’s] not as bad as finding a giant Huntsman spider INSIDE the car whilst you are driving.”

We suspect video of that could be just as hilarious.

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