Thursday, November 14, 2013

Optical illusion makes it look as if this is a flying dog

The photo above is real. Yes, it is a dog. Yes, those are wings. But the dog isn’t spreading its wings and attempting to fly. No, it’s merely a unique optical illusion, a photograph snapped at just the right moment, making it look as if the dog is about to take flight.
A dogbird is what many are calling it.
In reality, it’s just a dog running toward a mostly obscured seagull, which spreads its wings to fly away from the approaching canine. Megan Whiteley took the well-timed photo just before the seagull lifts off.
Whiteley posted her photo on Quora, a question-and-answer website, and answered the question, “What are some well-timed photos?”
“I took this photo at Opotiki beach, New Zealand,” Whiteley wrote. “This dog was obsessed with chasing seagulls, and I was zoomed right in as it ran up to a sitting bird, and managed to get a perfectly timed photo just as the bird took off, making it look like a flying dog!”
We learn from the U.K. Daily Mail that “dogbird” is a friend’s dog named Snoopy, and that the 22-year-old photographer followed the dog, taking photos with a zoom lens on sports mode “to capture shots quickly.” The Daily Mail also has an earlier photo showing the seagull sitting on the beach and the approaching dog just moments before the special moment.
The dogbird photo, also posted on Whiteley’s Facebook page, subsequently showed up on Imgur, where it’s getting quite a bit of attention.
“I’ll believe this when dogs fly,” wrote one commenter. “Oh, I guess I believe you then.”

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mysterious fish caught by fisherman in Malaysia

A fisherman from Malaysia caught a mysterious fish in the South China Sea that features a large head, a nose with two sharp spears and sharp spines covering its foot-long body.

Fisherman Sapar Mansor from Taman Ceria, Permyjaya was at a loss to identify the weird-looking fish, as were many others.

“This is the first time in my life that I have seen this type of fish,” Mansor told The Borneo Post. “I brought it home to my wife and informed her of the rare catch.”

His wife, Siti Kadariah, was surprised to see such a strange fish.

“When my husband brought the fish home, both my children were stunned because of its shape and uniqueness.”

The kids started calling the strange creature an "Armour Fish," which is a pretty good guess since it’s actually a Satyrichthys welchi, aka a robust armoured-gurnard.  

At a fish market in Ormoc City in the Philippines the fish is simply called a Pineapple Fish.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mermaid makes little girl’s dream come true

Today, we present the heartwarming story of Lauren Cosgrove, who was born prematurely in 2005 with several health issues. She weighed only 2 pounds and spent the first year of her life in a hospital.

Watch how a mermaid makes her dream come true:

From Mermaid Linden’s YouTube post:
After spending the first year of her life in the hospital in Scotland where she was born, Lauren's amazing family, friends and a team of dedicated physicians saved her life. Today, Lauren is like many little girls - she loves to ride bike, she loves her siblings and is a little ray of sunshine in everyone's life she touches. Obsessed with mermaids for most of her life, Lauren has ONE meet a mermaid! In October, this wish came true thanks to the Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity. Professional Mermaid Linden Wolbert swam all the way from Los Angeles to Scotland to surprise little Lauren on the bonnie bonnie shores of Loch Lomond. 
The Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity relies on donations and sponsorships to makes wishes like Lauren's come true. Please visit them at: