Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tiger shark pushed away by ‘Shark Whisperer’ in dangerous encounter

Tiger sharks are among the most dangerous of sharks, known for their unprovoked attacks throughout the world. They are the leading attack species around the Hawaiian Islands.

So when you’re swimming with tiger sharks, you do so at your own risk, as noted big-wave surfer Mark Healey has done quite a few times. So many times, in fact, he’s known as the Shark Whisperer.

His latest encounter shows a tiger shark coming dangerously close, promptly Healey to reach out and brazenly push the tiger shark away. We presume this is filmed off the waters of Hawaii since he is a North Shore waterman.

Mark Healey might be the Shark Whisperer, but if he’s not careful, one of these days he’ll become Shark Bait. 

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Humpback whale gives underwater photographer a head slap

Underwater photographer Chris Coates was diving at his favorite spearfishing spot in waters off the eastern coast of Africa when a humpback whale and its calf started swimming right at him.

Coates called it the craziest thing he's seen out while diving, and captured the "scary" moment on video. Watch as the humpback whale swims right at him as he attempts to tell it to go the other way: 

Perhaps the humpback whale was attempting to give Coates a high-five and failed miserably.

“But I must admit, I got quite a shock when it swam right up at me,” Coates told Mike Skogmo, according to GrindTV Outdoor. “At one stage it was only one foot away, and even though I know that they generally don’t hurt people, it’s so big and strong, it is still scary.”

And fun at the same time.