Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa Claus dances with sardines in S. Korean aquarium

You might have seen mommy kissing Santa, or kids sitting on Santa's lap asking for toys, or Santa urging Rudolph to lead his sleigh, but you've probably never seen Santa Claus like this before: In the water, dancing with sardines. A Santa Claus scuba diver at the Coex Aquarium in Seoul, South Korea, put on a show in which he dances with a school or sardines, and sometimes they appear to be synchronized. ITN News has the story. Take a look:

Apparently, this type of show is common among aquariums around the world. More from Huffington Post:
The aquarium, which aims to further marine education and oceanographic research in Korea and beyond, organizes feeding sessions of sardines, manatees and even sharks that are open to the public.
The Christmas-themed feeding sessions will continue almost every day for another two weeks, according to the aquarium's website.
South Korea isn't the only place where Santa is taking a swim.
For the rest of the month, Scuba Santa can be found underwater at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky, where he's feeding rays, sharks and other underwater creatures; while in Tokyo, Santa costume-clad divers are swimming with dolphins, the Toronto Sun reports.

One thing missing from Scuba Santa in South Korea? A big, bushy, white beard.

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