Thursday, November 1, 2012

Two great white sharks caught by fisherman on SoCal pier on same day

Two juvenile great white sharks were caught by a fisherman from the Manhattan Beach Pier near Los Angeles earlier this week. KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles has the intriguing report:

The white sharks were estimated to be 6- and 8-feet long, and because great white sharks are a protected species, the sharks were cut loose when they were reeled to the surface of the water, as were four previous great white sharks that had reportedly been hooked from the same pier since mid-July, according to a report by GrindTV Outdoor.

[Eric] Martin, a marine biologist, said there has been an unusually large abundance of market-sized squid in the area in recent weeks. The squid could be attracting rays, small sharks and other prey items preferred by juvenile white sharks. 
Chris Lowe, who runs the Shark Lab at Cal State Long Beach, said bat rays are common around piers, and that they prey on squid. There could be more rays, which are a top prey item for juvenile white sharks. 
"It's so weird because I've also seen two swim-bys recently, including one that involved about a 7-footer that ended up about 20 feet from a surfer," Martin said. "The surfer had no idea."
It's long been believed that great white sharks use the Southern California bight as a nursery, so this really shouldn't be that big a surprise. So, it's surfers beware!

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