Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Orca whales scare diver out of water and one chases dog (amazing video)

A free diver was forced onto rocks by a group of killer whales in an amazing, viral video from Mathesons Bay, New Zealand. Incredibly, one orca turned its attention on a dog chasing sticks in the water. Soon, the dog was high-tailing it to shore with an orca in seemingly hot pursuit. Check it out:

The YouTube post has generated more than 1.6 milion views. Here’s how it is described on the post:
The free diver was on his way back in when he must have seen the Orcas and quickly got out onto the rocks. It seemed like there was at least 4 Orcas around him of which one was a mother with her calf. 

 The one Orca came very close to shore where the Labrador was busy retrieving sticks from the water. He saw the whale and quickly turned around and swam back to shore with the Orca following as far as he could go.
A real life jaws-type event but without the shark.

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  1. Hah, I can't stop watching this. I guess it's why they're known as killer whales.


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