Friday, October 19, 2012

BASE jump from high bar on cliff goes terribly wrong (video)

A Norwegian BASE jumper, who also happens to be an accomplished gymnast, combined the two sports by attempting to launch himself off a 3,900-foot cliff using a high bar apparatus.

The result was nearly catastrophic.

After Richard Henriksen completed a full swing around the high bar, the apparatus collapsed, sending him tumbling over the cliff. Fortunately, there’s a happy ending. Watch what happens:

A program manager for a new BBC1 TV series called “Normal Madness” thought the worst when he saw Henriksen fall over the cliff.

“I, and everyone up there in the mountains, I thought he died,” Are Sending Osen was quoted on the Norwegian website (and translated elsewhere). 

Another video on the same site shows the mishap from a different angle, and it ends with a shot of Henriksen, parachute deployed, safely gliding to the ground.

Henriksen told that he hit the side of the cliff with his legs, “but had I met with the head, I had been done.”

“It was a strange moment after I got out the parachute, when I hear that rustling in the metal and chain [from the high bar apparatus], and that the rod passes a few feet away and flying to the ground,” he said via translation.

Not until he watched the video later that night did he realize the gravity of the situation.

“I sat with the two youngest children, reading and singing to them. Then it dawned on me that the atmosphere in the home could have been different than it was that night, and that my children could be without a dad,” Henriksen said.

Near as we can tell through the translation, the show’s producer was initially worried about airing the videos, and wouldn’t have had Henriksen died. Fortunately, he lived and the program went on as planned. 

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