Friday, July 27, 2012

Three bear cubs rescued from dumpster via truck and ladder (video)

Three bear cubs cried all night after climbing into a dumpster and not being able to climb back out. Hopeless to help her trapped babies, momma bear sat by the dumpster waiting for some good neighbors to come to the rescue.

And, finally, they did:


The YouTube video is entitled Ruidoso Bear Rescue Mission, so we assume it occurred in Ruidoso, N.M., a village adjacent to the Lincoln National Forest.

Kbear0330 posted the video with this description:
Where, oh where, are my baby bears? Some baby bears got stuck in a dumpster over night. Mama bear sat by the dumpster all night listening to her cubs cry. This kept my aunt’s friends awake as well.

No doubt fearing another sleepless night, the good people of Ruidoso did the neighborly thing, helping the cubs climb out of the trash bin by way of ladder. They then wandered off with momma bear back into the woods.

One question remains unanswered, though. How did the bear cubs get into the dumpster in the first place?

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  1. My cousin works with skip bins, he's never encountered that in their bins but he says that he's having a pretty great time working there until i showed him this video. We had a laugh and he said that hes happy he's never seen this inside one.


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