Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mermaids don't exist, NOAA tells us -- we think

A freshly published factoid from NOAA, an arm of our beloved government, thought it important to inform us that  "no evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found."

Most reactions around the Internet have been of the "No, really? Mermaids don't exist? Wow." variety. Seriously, did the government really need to spend our tax dollars informing us that this mythical creature,  half-woman and half-fish, doesn't exist? But is that really what NOAA is telling us?

Or is it encouraging us to keep looking for mermaids, since it seems to be saying, "No evidence of mermaids has yet been found, but keep looking."

NOAA also tells us that the half-human, half-fish creatures first appeared in cave paintings 30,000 years ago. According to Wikipedia, mermaids appear in folklore, literature and popular culture of many countries worldwide.

But mermaids do not appear in the oceans with the whales, dolphins, sharks, tuna, marlin et al.

We are pretty sure of our conclusion, even if our government doesn't seem to be.    

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