Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kangaroo halts traffic in ... Pasco, Washington?!

A kangaroo was loose in the city of Pasco, hopping down a highway and causing safety concerns for some very surprised drivers.

For those who are geographically challenged, Pasco is NOT located in Australia but in the state of Washington.

Washington? Kangaroo? How is this possible?

Apparently, in an area of Franklin County, Wash., owning exotic pets is legal, according to reports from UPI and KNDU-TV.

How the kangaroo escaped its enclosure remains unclear. But with the help of friends and police, who used their cars to block the hopping animal from re-entering the highway, the owner managed to recapture it.

KNDU posted this excellent TV report that shows the kangaroo in action.

Now, if you happen to see a zebra causing traffic havoc in Pasco someday, there will be an easy explanation.

You see, the owner of the kangaroo also has a zebra.  

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