Monday, July 9, 2012

Great white shark stalks Cape Cod kayaker

Great white sharks are becoming stars of the news lately, or so it seems. If it isn’t beach closures in Southern California and on the East Coast because of great white shark sightings, it’s great white shark attacks on windsurfers or surfers.

The latest was about a great white shark stalking a Cape Cod kayaker at Nauset Beach in Orleans, Mass.

And the photo pretty much tells the story:

Here’s how the New York Daily News put it:
A man kayaking for the first time looked over his shoulder Saturday to see the tip of a shark’s fin rising out of the water just 10 feet behind him.
People frolicking at Nauset Beach, on Cape Cod, saw the 12-to-14-foot great white shark before Walter Szulc Jr. did, and tried to the warn the kayaker. But he couldn’t hear them at first.
“There were hundreds of people on the beach, and they were all at the edge, yelling paddle paddle, paddle!” beachgoer Dave Alexander told WHDH.
Szulc finally did turn around to see a great white shark in pursuit. You see this realization in the photo.

Soon, Szulc was paddling furiously to shore, making it without incident, thankfully.

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  1. Also in the news; Kayak passes speed boat in Massachusetts. Details at 11.

  2. Shark suffers fecal matter overdose while pursuing kayak! Details at 11.

  3. Shark is just curious. No story.


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