Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hundred sharks attack whale along Australian beach (video)

When you are a surfer, the sight of a hundred tiger sharks feasting on a whale at the edge of the surf where you were surfing just that morning can be very disconcerting.

Just ask Rachel Campbell.

She was at Warroora Station in northwest Australia during a six-week surfing tour when she and her group encountered this:

The accompanying music is aptly called "The Fear," which the woman in the video playing chicken with the waves of sharks seemed to have had playing in her head.

Campbell wrote that she first saw about 30 sharks, most of which seemed to be tiger sharks, destroying a whale just feet from shore.

On her, she wrote:
The horror was only growing as I scanned along the beach. Over-sized beasts lined a stretch as far as I could see. Before long I realized there was about 100 sharks in total, some as long as 4m [12 feet], all in a frenzy over fresh whale flesh. [...]

You only had to get knee deep and suddenly you’re sharing the same square meter of Indian Ocean with a tiger shark. I chose to leave that for someone else who lacked the fear.

As I watched in horror, fascination and shock I cast my thoughts back to the morning. We surfed. But we surfed about 1.5km [nearly a mile] off the beach.
Campbell continued on to say that she still goes surfing at that spot “because it’s not about merely surviving this ocean, it’s about living and breathing everything that this crazy place has to offer.”

Sharks included.

“Let’s just hope those sharks are full now,” she added.

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