Monday, June 25, 2012

Adopt a great white shark ... seriously

Yes, it’s true. You, too, can be the proud owner of a great white shark for the very reasonable price of $30.

Before you scoff, know that the great white shark adoption program is brought to you by the National Wildlife Federation, and the donation goes toward helping to protect America’s imperiled wildlife.

For $30, the National Wildlife Federation will send you a great white shark in the form of a 9-inch plush animal, a certificate of adoption and an 11x14-inch, full-color poster.

Don’t really care much for great white sharks? Then adopt something else. The National Wildlife Federation has plenty of animals to choose from at its Adoption Center.

Among them are an alligator, barking tree frog, barn owl, bald eagle, bison, bighorn sheep, jaguar, cheetah, caribou, Canada Lynx, grizzly bear, harp seal, lion, orca whale, sea turtle and even a baby chimpanzee.

And in case you’ve never heard of the National Wildlife Federation, here is a blurb about the organization:
National Wildlife Federation's mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future. National Wildlife Federation (NWF) works with over 4 million members, partners, and supporters to actively educate, inspire, and promote achievable solutions to everyday Americans in communities from coast-to-coast.

Our conservation work focuses on three major areas that will have the biggest impact on the future of
America's wildlife:

1.  Confront global warming, the single most urgent threat to wildlife.
2.  Protect and restore wildlife habitat, to ensure a wildlife legacy for our children.
3.  Connect with nature by fostering profound and personal connections between people and nature.
Now, go adopt a great white shark.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hunters befriend deer while hunting for wild turkey (video)

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Stay away from hunters. That’s usually Lesson No. 1 for deer in the wild. Stay far, far away. And, generally, most deer do stay far, far away from hunters.

So imagine the surprise of hunters Steve Hunt and Rick Lehman on the first day of turkey hunting season deep in the woods of southern Tuscarawas County in Ohio -- when a deer walked up to their turkey blind.

"She walked in and started playing with our turkey decoys," Hunt told in Cleveland.

Then, the brave deer inched closer to the camouflaged hunters hiding in the blind.

Soon, the hunters were feeding the doe potato chips, and one hunter went so far as having the deer take a potato chip from his mouth.

Apparently, this doe never learned Lesson No. 1.

Hunt caught the entire episode on video, and gives us the entire story right here (sorry about the short ad):  

And no, in case you missed it, the hunters never once thought about shooting the deer.

"There's a lot of ethics behind hunting it’s not a matter of just going out and killing animals, I don't go out and kill animals, I hunt animals and yes I do eat what I shoot," said Hunt.
"It makes you look at hunting a whole different way," said Lehman.
 No word, however, on whether they bagged any wild turkey.

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Hundred sharks attack whale along Australian beach (video)

When you are a surfer, the sight of a hundred tiger sharks feasting on a whale at the edge of the surf where you were surfing just that morning can be very disconcerting.

Just ask Rachel Campbell.

She was at Warroora Station in northwest Australia during a six-week surfing tour when she and her group encountered this:

The accompanying music is aptly called "The Fear," which the woman in the video playing chicken with the waves of sharks seemed to have had playing in her head.

Campbell wrote that she first saw about 30 sharks, most of which seemed to be tiger sharks, destroying a whale just feet from shore.

On her, she wrote:
The horror was only growing as I scanned along the beach. Over-sized beasts lined a stretch as far as I could see. Before long I realized there was about 100 sharks in total, some as long as 4m [12 feet], all in a frenzy over fresh whale flesh. [...]

You only had to get knee deep and suddenly you’re sharing the same square meter of Indian Ocean with a tiger shark. I chose to leave that for someone else who lacked the fear.

As I watched in horror, fascination and shock I cast my thoughts back to the morning. We surfed. But we surfed about 1.5km [nearly a mile] off the beach.
Campbell continued on to say that she still goes surfing at that spot “because it’s not about merely surviving this ocean, it’s about living and breathing everything that this crazy place has to offer.”

Sharks included.

“Let’s just hope those sharks are full now,” she added.

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Thanks to the Shark Divers blog!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Surfing inside the barrel -- video shows surfer's view

If you ever wondered what it was like inside the “barrel” while surfing, Kalani Chapman obliges with this YouTube video, courtesy of the GoPro HD Hero2 camera.

OK, blatant commercial here, but the quality of video and the viewing experience is worth mentioning GoPro. (You’re welcome, GoPro.)

As the YouTube caption says, Kalani Chapman shows us what surfing an endless wave feels like at Cloudbreak in Tavarua, Fiji. The camera, mounted at the rear of the surfboard, allows viewers the feel of surfing in the barrel.

So, in honor of International Surfing Day, enjoy the ride:

Most reactions on YouTube were of the "epic" variety, which is quite understandable. One commenter said,
Why did he jump off at the end, looks like he coulda kept going!
Epic wave!!! he got sooo deep in it at one point!!!
Another said,
 such an awesome continuous lil curtain....beyond adrenalin!!
And one other said simply,
that was sick 
Truly it was a barrel of awesome.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

5-year-old girl limbo skates under 27 cars for Guinness World Record (video)

The limbo is usually performed under a stick, pole or bar held stationary, much like the high jump bar in track and field.

Surely those who originated the limbo dance in Trinidad never dreamed the limbo would be performed under a parked car, let alone 27 parked cars!

We’re not kidding. Limbo skating under 27 parked cars!

A very flexible 5-year-old from Maharastra, India, put on a pair of roller skates, stretched out her arms and legs and, well, see for yourself:

That really is a kindergartener limbo skating under 27 parked cars to set a Guinness World Record for limbo skating, the Guinness people confirmed on June 7.

More from Guinness World Records:
A flexible five-year-old from Maharastra in Indian has whizzed her way into the record books after setting a new benchmark for the farthest distance limbo skating under cars.
Kindergarten student Shreeya Rakesh Deshpande skated under 27 cars, covering a whopping distance of 48.2 metres (158ft 2in) during a successful world record attempt last week in Kolhapur.
GWR representative Nikhil Shukla was on hand to confirm that a new record had been set and presented Shreeya with her well-earned certificate as local press and her proud parents looked on.
An event celebrating Shreeya's achievement was organised later the same day in her hometown, with well-wishers once again treated to a demonstration of her amazing talent for limbo skating.
Shreeya's feat beats the previous record of 38.68 metres (126 ft 11 in) set by Rohan Ajit Kokane in February in Mumbai last year during filming for the TV show Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega.
Is anyone else curious as to how many times the girl hit her head while perfecting this feat?

Final question: When do you suppose limbo skating will end up in the X Games?
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alaskan man mauled by bear climbs tree, calls 911


An Alaskan man mauled by a brown bear climbed a tree and called 911 for help, telling the dispatcher "The damn thing was batting at me."

Ben Radakovich, 30, also told the dispatcher that he was "bleeding bad," according to the Associated Press report.

The incident occurred Sunday morning when Radakovich encountered a female brown bear with her cub on Penguin Creek Trail south of Anchorage.

Rescuers took two hours to reach him. Troopers carried Radakovich on a wheeled stretcher via an all-terrain vehicle for 1 1/2 miles to where a helicopter was waiting to take him to an Anchorage hospital.

He was released Monday. His injuries and condition were unknown, though a Fox report said he needed "a lot of stitches."

Radakovich told "Good Morning America": "I'm just grateful that I got through it and that I'm here to enjoy another day basically."

Fox News has more details:
Radakovich later told rescuers he called out to warn bears of his presence as he hiked, but said his voice might have been drowned out by the rushing creek waters nearby.

He encountered the bear as he rounded a curve three miles into his hike. The animal was surprised as well, said Trooper Tim Lewis, who was among rescuers to hike in to the site.

It happened so quickly and violently, Radakovich didn't have time to use his bear-repellant spray, according to Lewis. He said none of Radakovich's injuries were life-threatening, but required "a lot of stitches."

Radakovich was still in the tree when the first responders arrived almost two hours after the attack. Another trooper climbed up the thick pine tree and helped get him down, Lewis said.

The victim was cold, bleeding and shivering.

"I can only imagine being mauled by a large brown bear would be very, very traumatic," Lewis said. "He was in shock."

Still, Radakovich was able to tell rescuers what happened. The bear sprung without warning, swatting at Radakovich and a ski pole the hiker was trying to use in self-defense. He figured the bear wasn't going to go away, so he curled up into a fetal position.

At that the bear backed up, giving Radakovich a brief chance to scramble up the tree and dig his phone out of a pocket. His backpack fell off during the struggle.

"The good thing is that he had his cell phone with him," Lewis said. "He didn't have it in his backpack, which really made a big difference."
KTUU of Alaskas posted the 911 call, but the last we checked, it was not working, most likely because of the item going viral. But you can try again here.

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Himalayas BASE jump: Six days going up, 90 seconds coming down (video)

Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov and two climbing partners spent six days scaling the summit of 21,466-foot Shivling in the Indian part of the Himalayas.

It took the climbing partners Alexander Ruchkin and Victor Volodin three days to descend the mountain.

It took Rozov 90 seconds!

Here’s how he did it:

Rozov, 47, is a world-renown BASE jumper whose feats include flying into an active volcano in Kamtschatka and jumping from Ulventanna Peak in the Antarctic, according to his Red Bull sponsor.

So conquering Shivling seemed like a piece of cake.

The BASE jumper found an ideal jumping-off point at 21,063 feet, jumped with cameras rolling and reached 124 mph in a wing suit that basically allows him to fly.

Ninety seconds and 7,218 feet later, with parachute deployed, Rozov was landing safely on a flat portion of the glacier, completing a BASE jump that is being called a world record because it had never been done before from this Himalayan mountain.

More from Red Bull:
 “This was my first project in the Himalayas,” commented the two-time skydiving world champion after his record-breaking flight. “We had a few difficulties along the way, so I am really pleased that we were able to complete the jump successfully.”
By reaching the summit, Rozov, Ruckhin and Volodin also became the first ever Russians to successfully climb Shivling (literally the “phallus of Lord Shiva”, Shiva being the Hindu deity of destruction and transformation), a mountain renowned for its difficult and dangerous passages. Indeed, it was not until 1974 that the peak, which is often referred to as the ‘Matterhorn of the Himalayas’ due to its shape and is looming over the largest source of the Ganges River at Gaumukh, was conquered for the first time.
 So it must be true: Red Bull does give you wings.

Thanks for UPI Odd News!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Biggest tuna boil you’ll ever see (fishing video)

When fishermen talk about a tuna boil, they are referring to the bubbling whitewater that results from a fish swirling on a bait at the surface.

The action gives the impression of a boiling pot.

In case you still can’t grasp the concept, Propiedad de Paradise resort in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama, videotaped the perfect example of boiling yellowfin tuna in an incredible feeding frenzy.

Cast your eyes on the biggest tuna boil you’ll probably ever see:

Now do you get the tuna boil concept?

[Related: Fishing video shows inside the feeding frenzy of a tuna school] 

This incredible feeding frenzy of yellowfin tuna feasting on a baitball occurred last month. Propiedad de Paradish Lodge fills in the details via its YouTube post:
Propiedad de Paradise Lodge's clients experience another huge Yellowfin Tuna frenzy! aboard the TOP Cat here in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama!

On May 11, 2012 while fishing 25 miles from the lodge here on Isla Paridas we came across a massive boil of Yellowfin Tunas, Porpoises, and birds [decimating] a bait ball of Blue Runners and Goggle Eyes. Hundreds of 50 to 100 pound Yellowfin Tunas jumping and feeding until the baitball is gone.
It’s certainly a nice advertisement for the resort, but don’t expect this to be an everyday occurrence. You’re more likely to hear something like, “You should’ve been here yesterday.”

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Giant squid attacked by shark (video)

OK, we admit, the YouTube headline we borrowed is more dramatic than the video, but since more than 5 million people viewed the shark-attacks-giant-squid vid in less than a week, thanks to this post, we figured we'd share it with you, too.

Enjoy. Drum roll, please:

Here’s what was written about the video in the YouTube post:
Insane footage of a 15 foot long giant squid being eaten by a shark. Al McGlashan had this encounter while filming for the brand new series Big Fish, Small Boats that will hit Australian TV screens later this year'when they encountered the huge squid drifting on the surface. The shark thought all his christmas's had come at once start lunch!
Well, what do you think? Was it really "insane footage"? Interesting, at least? We'll settle for interesting. 

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