Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swimming cougar attempts to climb into boat; passengers panic (video)

 President Jimmy Carter was once forced to fend off an attacking "killer rabbit" while fishing on a farm pond in a canoe during a presidential vacation.

Carter used a paddle to fight off the rabbit, which wanted to board the canoe.

Quite frankly, that was nothing compared to the encounter by power plant workers who were traveling by boat to Sechelt Inlet northwest of Vancouver, B.C.

They came face to face with a swimming cougar.

One panicked man on board nervously barked out instructions on what to do: "Watch out, he'll jump on the boat. You don't want that. You don't want that! You don't want that!! You don't want that, boys!!!"

Watch and listen for yourself. Here's YouTube video of the encounter with the swimming cougar (Warning: A bit of NSFW language at the end):

As you can see, for whatever reason, the cougar was swimming offshore and trying to board the boat in which the workers were commuting.

They become quite panicked, thinking the cougar would jump into their boat and eat them, or at least do some damage.

If not for a thick window, this lion and this lion would've certainly done some damage. Bottom line, mountain lions aren't friendly.

So if you ever encounter a swimming cougar, watch out, he'll jump on your boat.

And you don't want that! You don't want that!! You don't want that, boys!!!
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