Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lion in zoo tries to attack toddler dressed as baby zebra (funny video)

 In the wilds of Africa, a zebra makes for a pretty good meal for a lion. So it wasn't surprising to see this bit of animal nature unfold recently at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, though it has a distinct twist.

This caged lion went after a baby zebra lookalike -- a 13-month-old toddler dressed in a black-and-white striped hoodie.

Luckily, there was a thick glass partition between the lion and the toddler/zebra lookalike. Check it out:

As you can see, the lion -- actually a lioness named Kya -- wanted very much to munch the "baby zebra," yet neither the mother, Heather Baltzor, nor her son, Jack, were afraid.

"He [Jack] loves kitties, so he was waving and saying, 'Hi kitty kitty…,'" Baltzor told ABC News. "We weren’t scared at all."

Baltzor explained how it unfolded:

"The lions were just laying far away on their hill and there were other kids up there but when we put Jack up there she immediately got interested and very curious and came over. I think it was definitely the hoodie...

"She must have thought he looked very tasty."

No doubt.

This reminds us of another frustrated lion which couldn't get at its prey. Remember this video that shows a little girl staring down the lion? Great stuff.  

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