Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Barracuda jumps into boat (video), acts as a ballistic missile

The old joke about fishing being so good, the fish were jumping into the boat might be a tired cliche, but in this case, it was no joke.

A 40-pound barracuda launched from out of the depths, like a ballistic missile from a submarine, and landed in the boat where a fishing TV crew was filming a segment off St. Augustine, Fla.

Boy, did they get some footage:

On May 6, Kevin Faver and Brad Deckard were fishing and being filmed for an episode of the fishing show "Tails From The Outdoors Show."

They were bottom fishing when Faver hooked into something large. Suddenly his line went slack and the fishy ballistic missile came flying over his right shoulder and into the boat, causing all sorts of chaos, as you can see in the fishing video.

If you'd like to see the full, five-minute version, which includes the two fishermen talking about a fish story of a lifetime, click here.

Barracuda, wahoo and Asian Carp are all known to jump into boats on occasion. Barracuda and wahoo, with their sharp teeth, have even managed to bite some anglers.

These anglers were lucky. No question their TV fishing episode could've been quite horrifying. As it was, it definitely got their hearts pumping.

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