Sunday, May 27, 2012

80-year-old woman skydiving nearly falls out of harness (shocking video)

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To celebrate her 80th birthday, Laverne Everett wanted to go skydiving. And then she didn't, as you'll see in the video.

But her tandem skydiver insisted that she did want to jump out of that airplane and skydive.

"Let go of the airplane, Laverne," the tandem skydiver said (or we think that's what he said). "Let go, Laverne! LET GO! LET GO NOW!"

The result was this:

For the video-challenged, what happened was, after basically being forced out of the plane by the tandem skydiver, Laverne Everett nearly fell out of her parachute harness while skydiving.

Let's repeat that. Laverne Everett nearly fell out of her parachute harness while skydiving, this after being very reluctant, at the last minute, to make the jump. The tandem skydiver held on to her for dear life. Of course he did. The videographer appears to want to help but is really helpless.

Fortunately, the tandem skydivers landed safely in a field.

The incident occurred May 2011, but the video was just recently released and is making its viral rounds on the Internet.

It happened at the Parachute Center in Lodi, Calif.

The other day, Laverne Everett talked about her skydiving ordeal to CBS Sacramento. From  CBS 13:
“Once you get on that edge, that’s another story,” said Laverne.

As you watch the video, you see what appears to be Laverne clutching the plane for dear life, but she says her bad knees actually gave out. Then, the instructor behind her grabs her hand.

But looking at the video, it appears that Laverne was being forced out of that plane. She doesn’t see it that way.

“No, I don’t look at it that way,” said Laverne. “He knew how bad I wanted to jump.”

When she did finally jump, something went terribly wrong and Laverne was suddenly dangling in mid-air.

“The upper harness came off, you know. Just slipped down, it was just the lower harness, is all I had.”

Laverne says her shirt flew up against her face so she couldn’t see a thing and didn’t realize exactly what happened until she saw the video for herself.
What Laverne said was very surprising, because it sure didn't look like she was ready to jump from that plane. What isn't surprising is this, from the Huffington Post:
[...] the Parachute Center has had its share of accidents. According to CBS Sacramento, at least eight people have died at the Parachute Center in the last decade, most recently in April.

News10 reports that the facility may have to pay $900,000 in fines to the FAA for incidents unrelated to Everett's. Additionally, News10 also reports that the company is facing at least three civil lawsuits.
Morale to the story: Before you cross skydiving off your bucket list, search for the safest skydiving operation you can find and make sure your tandem skydiver will allow you to change your mind at the last second.
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