Thursday, April 12, 2012

Largest swordfish caught in daytime hours taken off Florida Keys

Most swordfish action off the Florida Keys comes during the night, so it was big news when a 683-pound swordfish was caught off the Keys during daytime hours earlier this month.

It was believed to be the biggest swordfish ever taken in waters off the Florida Keys during daytime hours, according to

Fishing 30 miles south of Marathon, Fla., fisherman Mike Driskell took about two hours to land the behemoth, hooked on a five-pound bonito.

The fish was much larger than the state record 612.75-pound broadbill caught off Key Largo at night on May 7, 1978.

However, since Driskell used an electric reel, his fish will not be recognized as a state record.

For perspective, the IGFA world-record swordfish is 1,182 pounds caught off Chile in May 1953. Near as we can tell, they didn’t have electric reels back then.

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