Friday, March 23, 2012

Tiger shark tries to bite the leg of a scuba diver (video)

 "Let sleeping dogs lie" is always a good credo, especially when those dogs are man-eating tiger sharks swimming around at the bottom of the ocean minding their own business.

But sometimes scuba divers get a case of the "let's test the fates" in order to get close-up video and photographs of dangerous sharks swimming in circles in and around them. Not a good idea.

In this case, one tiger shark decided to swim through the open legs of a scuba diver and then thought about taking a bite out of his leg. The diver quickly pulled his leg away, like pulling a bone away from a hungry dog.

See the near shark bite at the :40 mark in this YouTube video:

This is definitely not recommended.

From GrindTV Outdoor
Shark Diver,  a commercial shark-diving operation that utilizes cages for protection, posted a story this week about the footage in the video. Part of it reads:

"Yes, that is a Tiger on predation, and yes those divers do not have a clue, and yes that was as close as it looked.... At 0.40 that diver was one second away from sending years of conservation work down the tubes."
Take note, scuba divers, and let tiger sharks lie.
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