Monday, January 9, 2012

Underwater ice fishing; that is to say, ice fishing from UNDER the ice

Two Finlanders did the unthinkable recently. They went ice fishing from the other side of the ice.

That's right, underwater ice fishing.

They might not have caught any fish, but they certainly caught the attention of those in cyberspace.

The underwater antics of the two ice fishermen who go ice fishing on -- or rather in -- Lake Saarijarvi in Vaala, Finland, have been viewed by more than 2 million people since it was posted on YouTube on Jan. 2, 2012.

Be prepared to be mesmerized by this underwater video:

OK, maybe it wasn't as intriguing and captivating as this video of Inuits catching a 1,000-pound shark while ice fishing the normal way -- uh, yes, a 1,000-pound shark! -- but it was definitely artsy and creative, as well as initially puzzling, until you realize which direction the bubbles are going.

The person who posted the video, Juuso, offered these addition words about the video:
Camera I used was Sony HDR-SR11 with Amphibico HD Elite housing.

The Wheelbarrow was saved from the bottom of the lake and I have used it many times after that.

The rubber duck and the balloon are also home with me.

None of the divers got any permanent damage either.

And yes, we had a lot of fun making this video.
Good to know. Especially the saving of the wheelbarrow and rubber ducky.

UPDATE: For those who still don't get it, and apparently there are those who don't, these guys are upside down in the water under the ice, using some sort of floatation in their legs. Why they'd go to these extremes to make such a video is anyone's guess.

Thanks to Adventure Journal!

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