Monday, January 23, 2012

Narrowest trail in the world or scariest trail in the world? (videos)

Narrowest trail in the world? Or scariest trail in the world?

We don't know where it was, who it was or when it was, only that it looked extremely dangerous, this dirt biker performing a death-defying ride across the narrowest trail in the world. Or the scariest trail in the world, if you'd prefer.

The 1 1/2-minute video of the daring dirt biker was posted Friday and is making the rounds on the Internet.

Not much information was offered. All the poster said was "Dirt biker with a death wish rides on what appears to be the narrowest trail in the world with massive dropoffs on each side."

Take a look, and then compare it to the video below:

"I get vertigo from watching this," one commenter on said about "The narrowest trail in the world."

"Fish eye lense on camera makes it look gnarlier than it may be," said another. "Still not much room for mistakes, though."

No, not much room for error at all. Kind of similar to the narrow singletrack the mountain bikers had in this YouTube video, one simply called radwanderung or bike:

This mountain biking video was posted a couple years ago but not long ago found its way onto Adventure Journal, which called it "the most terrifying five minutes of singletrack on Earth."

It might be right.

So what say you? Which was the scariest trail in the world? Or was THIS the scariest trail in the world?

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  1. That looks pretty scary! Even I would drop my heart pedaling down that trail. I'd prefer the second one, it's better to be safe after all.
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