Monday, January 30, 2012

Great white shark surfaces in Ironman competition in Australia (video of shark surfacing)

A large great white shark is said to have surfaced just yards away from contestants paddling in an Ironman competition last week in Australia, but nobody noticed it until TV footage was shown later.

At least some believe it was a great white shark, supported by reports of a shark attack less than 10 miles away four days earlier.

Not everyone is convinced, however. Others claim it was a pilot whale or dolphin.

Take a look at the short video on YouTube and tell us what you think. Watch in the upper left-hand corner:

It was ironwoman Kirsty Holmes who first alerted organizers of the Nutri-Grain Ironman and Ironwoman Series about the surfacing of a great white shark at Newcastle Beach, located 101 miles north-northeast of Sydney.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:
“I was at home on Monday night and just watching a replay of the round on You Tube when I saw it,” Holmes said.

“I was actually looking at the top of the screen because at that stage I think I was coming fourth or fifth and thought I should be coming into picture, then all of a sudden I saw the fin and said ‘What was that!?’

“As soon as [I] saw it I thought it was a shark. I rang Zane (Holmes) and he agreed, saying it was either a shark or a pilot whale.

Folkard's surfboard
“I suppose it’s good for the sport because there’s now plenty of hits on YouTube, but the only reason I thought it was a shark was because it didn’t resurface, and normally dolphins and whales do.”
Just four days before this Ironman Series competition, surfer Glen Folkard was reportedly attacked by what was believed to be a juvenile great white shark at Redhead Beach, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Folkard told The Australian that the impact from the shark was like being hit by a car and being turned 180 degrees. The shark bite his right leg before he managed to climb back on his board and swim to safety, nearly bleeding to death.

Redhead Beach and Newcastle Beach are about six miles apart.

The Nutri-Grain Ironman and Ironwoman Series was unaware of the surfacing great white shark/pilot whale/dolphin.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

“We didn’t know about it until after it happened and if we did know about it on the day we would have acted accordingly to what the authority - council lifeguard or surf lifesaving australia - required and they would have closed the beach and we would have removed our competitors,” a Nutri-Grain Ironman Series spokesman said.

“But we don’t think it’s a shark. It looks to be either a pilot whale or a false killer whale. Safety is always the priority. Our competitors encounter sharks and dolphins on a regular basis while training and if it hadn’t been for a shark attack the week earlier I don’t think we’d be talking about it.”
But then, who can dispute Kirsty Holmes? She ought to know a whale when she sees one, considering the two-time Open Ski champion was once knocked off her ski by a whale.

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