Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Great Outdoors defined by video called 'Missing Hatchet'

Many people have a hard time grasping why others are so enamored with the Great Outdoors.

They don't quite understand that fishing can still be great without catching fish.

They don't appreciate the beauty of a redtail hawk circling above. An osprey swooping down to snatch a trout from the surface of a lake. A bald eagle keeping watch. The warmth and crackling of a campfire. The peace and serenity found in the outdoors.

"Missing Hatchet," a video shot and edited by Nate Ptacek, essentially gives you a definition of the Great Outdoors.  Enjoy:

Here's what Nate wrote about the video:

Shot on location in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Northern Minnesota, September 2011.

The Pagami Creek Fire grew ten times in size on our first day in the park. Although we were some 40 miles away, we could see the plume and received significant smoke and weather from the resulting pyrocumulonimbus formation. Most of the hail, snow, rain, and wind we experienced was not captured in my footage for obvious reasons, but it was some of the strangest weather I've ever seen. On our way out we encountered a number of closed portages and soon realized we had been largely alone in the wilderness for some three days, not realizing the scale to which the fire had grown over the course of the week we were out.
Nice job, Nate. Thanks for sharing a piece of the Great Outdoors.

Thanks Adventure Journal!

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