Monday, January 9, 2012

Dog swims up to kayak fisherman out of nowhere in a sad tale off Florida

An unidentified kayak fisherman was far offshore in Sarasota, Fla., when the most unlikely thing occurred: A dog swam up to him out of nowhere.

The kayak fisherman was busy fishing when he must have heard a commotion behind him, because he turned his head and saw the unimaginable. A dog was dogpaddling toward him.

The fisherman helped the wet dog into the kayak, wiped it dry with a Shamwow and started to paddle to shore.

A video camera attached to the bow of his kayak captured the entire scene. The kayak fisherman posted it on YouTube and called it, "Sometimes when you're fishing, strange things, dogs swim up to you." Take a look: 

"I usually keep a camera running when I fish, in case I catch the big one," he wrote on his YouTube post of the incident. "It does happen occasionally."

But a dog swimming up to his kayak was a first. It wasn’t until later that the kayak fisherman learned the rest of the sad story, as reported by ABC Action News

A 53-year-old Sarasota woman was hit and killed by a drunk driver, according to Florida Highway Patrol troopers.

It happened Saturday afternoon when troopers say Blake C. Talman, 22, was fleeing from another crash scene.

Talman reportedly lost control of his Nissan Altima on State Road 758 north of Glebe Lane when troopers say he struck Donna L. Chen as she was walking her dog on a sidewalk.

According to authorities, the dog was also hit, and it ran away from the scene.
The dog's name is Barney, and it was returned to its family. It had to have been one terrified pooch.

"The accident scene was about a mile from where I found Barney swimming," the kayak fisherman wrote. "Our guess is that he was so freaked out and traumatized that he just wanted to get as far away from there as possible. And when he ran out of land, he took to the water. I feel lucky that I was there fishing, because there was no place for him to go and I don’t know if he could have made it much farther. He’s banged up, but fine. Our hearts go out to the family who lost their mother."

Our thoughts and prayers also go out to all involved.

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