Monday, January 16, 2012

A dog and sea lion play together: See the video

The unlikeliest of playmates -- a small dog and a huge sea lion -- get together for a short rendezvous with a thick glass partition between them.

The wall of separation doesn't seem to matter as the dog strikes up a relationship with the sea lion in an aquarium in some foreign country.

Enjoy this YouTube video entitled "Dog plays with sea lion!":

It reminds us of this video making the rounds on the Internet last week showing a little girl staring down an African lion with a thick pane of glass separating them.

The above video may be a little less entertaining, but it's hard to top a lion pawing at a little kid. This time the dog is pawing at a sea lion, which seems desperate for a four-legged companion. Definitely a strange encounter.

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  1. Adorable creatures! I'm not surprised why mankind is so impressed with these two. They're intelligent and entertaining; who wouldn't love them? dog boarding Long Island

  2. They are indeed very lovely. It's good seen these animals play without hurting each other. This is the reason why people are so amazed of these creatures.

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