Saturday, January 14, 2012

A crow goes snowboarding down a snowy roof

Shaun White might be the snowboarding king, but even he will appreciate the ability of this first-time snowboarder snowboarding down the side of a roof.

At least we're presuming the crow is a first-time snowboarder.

Yes, that's right. A crow. A black crow. A snowboarding crow. If you don't believe us, we'll eat, uh, crow.

See for yourself:

See, we told you it was a snowboarding crow. Or a snowboarding bird, if you prefer. Or as someone else put it, crowboarding. Or a sledding crow.

For those who are video impaired, this is what happened on the YouTube video: The crow used a circular snowboard to slide down the side of the roof. The bird picked up its snowboard and flew back to the top of the roof and tried a different route, only to be thwarted because of a lack of snow.

The bird picked up the snowboard and flew back to the top of the roof. Then, the crow went sliding down the same route as the first time, and with great success we might add. It again picked up the snowboard and returned to the top of the roof. From there, the bird picked up the weird-looking snowboard and flew off to join Shaun White & Co. at an unknown ski resort.

Near as we can tell, this was shot somewhere in Russia, considering the nyet used in the conversation by one of the kids. The children and parents were watching and laughing -- and videotaping -- from a window.

BTW, take care of that cough, little guy. And keep those snowboarding crow videos coming.

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  1. Thanks for the article, a mate told me about this. Its great, i really wish i was a crow


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