Monday, December 19, 2011

Sarah Palin news: Her outdoors reality show 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' is returning

For those Sarah Palin fans who enjoy watching her fish, hunt, shoot guns, encounter bears and track Bigfoot (kidding, we think), the popular Palin TV show -- "Sarah Palin’s Alaska" -- appears to be returning for a second season (defnitely not kidding) in Fall/Winter 2012.

Since she isn’t running for president, the former vice-presidential candidate will return to her status as reality TV star. What better place for Sarah Palin to get her name back in the limelight than in the Great Outdoors of Alaska?

The New York Post broke the news in Monday's editions:

Producer Mark Burnett says he is in discussions with TLC to bring "Sarah Palin’s Alaska" back for a second season next fall.
"The plan would be to shoot this in the summer of 2012," he tells The Post.
New episodes of the outdoorsy reality series — which shows the former vice-presidential candidate fishing, hunting and dog sledding with her family — would not air until after the November presidential election.

"By the time we edit it, the election will be over," Burnett says. "But I am sure the election would be mentioned [in the show]."

Sarah Palin encounters a bear on her
outdoors reality show.
"It makes perfect sense, because that is what’s going on. But it would be again Sarah in Alaska, living with Todd and the family and having adventures juxtaposed with doing her Fox News bits and discussing whatever is going on."
As for a Hollywood Reporter report that Sarah Palin’s husband Todd would be the subject of an outdoors show about his snowmobiling career? Not true.

"In fact, the idea around snowmobiling was to be part of an episode in ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ -- not a series," Burnett told The Post.

"Sarah Palin’s Alaska" debuted in November 2010 and drew more than 5 million viewers, making it the No. 1 premiere ever on TLC.

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