Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mountain biker gets blind-sided by a wild animal in South Africa

The hit is much like the one San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis might lay on a running back in the open field -- a blind-sided tackle that knocks the running back's helmet off.

Except in this case, the linebacker is a Red Hartebeest -- something like a deer with curly horns -- and the running back is a mountain biker competing in a mountain bike race in Albert Falls Dam Nature Reserve in South Africa.

Watch mountain biker Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa get blind-sided and nearly have his block knocked off. It isn't pretty, but we're happy to report that the mountain biker does eventually stand up in the end. The helmet, however, did not survive.

Take a look at this major ouch: 
(NFSW warning: Beware of the "Holy cow, [expletive]" from Spuy's teammate, Travis Walker, who was filming from behind.)

Incredibly -- and luckily -- Spuy avoided a second collision a little while later, narrowly avoiding another mountain bike racer and he flies by down the trail.

Uh, guys? You might want to move away from the trail.

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