Friday, September 16, 2011

A fishing technique unlike any other: See incredible video

Call him the Fish Whisperer.

Zach King displays a unique fishing technique never seen before. He's like a fish magnet, and he has fish jumping into his hands. Who needs a rod and reel when you have this fishing technique perfected, like Zach?

Today, Zach gives a quick how-to overview on his fishing technique in this incredible fishing video called Extreme Fishing Alaska:

OK, so Zach King is actually the Final Cut King and is an expert in the video version of Photoshop.

But even while King offers a perfect reason why everything posted on the Internet these days must be scrutinized carefully, he gets high grades from Outdoors 720. We give it five stars for ingenuity and entertainment value.

Now, if you want real, check out the link below for the fishing hotspot where hundreds of carp will jump into your boat. Literally. No kidding. Reel-ly .

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  1. Ha, ha, ha: Check this out instead. No Final Cut-photoshopping here though!:


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