Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fish heads, rainbow trout robbery mystery partly solved?

Not the fish heads in question.
About two weeks ago, a story appeared in the Fresno Bee about how a hatchery truck with 1,000 trophy-sized rainbow trout was stolen.

The truck and the trout were discovered missing at the San Joaquin State Fish Hatchery, about 12 miles north of Fresno, Calif. The fish, which sell for $7 a pound, were 3 pounds apiece.

"If anyone smells anything fishy, they should give us a call," California Department of Fish and Game spokesman Patrick Foy told the Bee.

Jaime Arnold, you might want to give the California Department of Fish and Game a call.

You see, on Tuesday evening, Arnold, a Washington State trooper, had the unenviable task of cleaning up piles of fish heads from northbound lanes on I-5 in Seattle, according to a report by the Seattle PI.

Hmmm. Could these be...

Back to the news report: First, Arnold swept the fish heads off to the side of the freeway, the traffic on which can get pretty ugly during rush hour even without fish heads getting squished in one of the lanes. The report also said Arnold dug a hole off to the side of the freeway and buried the fish heads, because they were causing quite a stink.

The full report by KOMO News is right here:

So, could these really be the missing rainbow trout from California? And if so, what happened to the bodies of the fish?

If you have any further information, please contact the proper authorities in California or Washington, pronto!

The guess here? They were salmon heads used for crabbing. Some crabber was transporting the fish heads home to freeze them for next year, since crabbing season in Washington ended at sunset on Labor Day. They accidentally spilled off the back of the crabber's truck.That's feasible.

Of course, it would make for a much better story if they were the missing rainbow trout.

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