Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stunt artist Danny MacAskill does the impossible on a mountain bike

Danny MacAskill, aka Danny MegaSkill, is at it again with another incredible video display of mountain bike dancing, choreographed beautifully to a catchy musical tune called "The Wolves" by Ben Howard.

MacAskill, the mountain biking pro and stunt artist from Scotland, jumps from one side of a train track to the other, climbs every piece of metal in an industrial train yard and, for the pièce de résistance, rides atop an unstable cable.

"It makes slacklining look like a walk down the middle of the street," Adventure Journal wrote.

The newest video is called "Industrial Revolutions," and it is every bit as good as his "Inspired Bicycles," a video that has produced more than 26 million views on YouTube, and "Way Back Home," another mountain bike video gone viral by the mountain biker.

It is poetry on a mountain bike and it is well worth five minutes of your day to check it out, right here, right now:

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Thanks for the tip, Adventure Journal! 

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