Friday, July 1, 2011

Fishing hot spot: Where carp jump into your boat

If you can find your way to the small drainage ditch in the flooded Spoon River, you'll find a fishing hot spot that we dare say is unparalleled -- if you're into carp. Asian carp to be exact, the ones that will literally jump into your boat. Who needs a fishing rod?

Never heard of Asian carp? Never seen what Asian carp do? Well, then, fishermen, cast your eyes on this:

The fishy post by "boodhaman" in November is approaching a million views on YouTube and you can see why. The volume of fish in that small drainage ditch is absolutely incredible (especially starting at the :46 mark).

We've seen other Asian carp videos, but nothing matches this one for quantity of fish.

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  1. Such a big fish. Ive seen many kinds of videos like I watch here, it seems different to others. Unique.

  2. That's really wild, you should be careful next time.


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