Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mississippi River floods provide 'great' fishing for locals

The flooding of the Mississippi River has caused heartache and hardship. A reported 3 million acres across the South have been swamped.

Unimaginable. Tragic. Sad.

But through the gloom and doom emerged this story from the community of Rosedale, Miss., where folks are making the most of the tragedy...

By going fishing.

The Wall Street Journal chronicled the story Friday about how, because of the flooding, new fishing holes were created, and fishermen emerged with worms and other bait to catch a variety of fish where a dry ditch used to be.

From the WSJ:

The fish are teeming—and biting—in what is usually a dry, forested area along the road leading to the Port of Rosedale, which has been closed by the flooding. The shallow inlet formed by the rising water is open for business, though, and most of Rosedale seems to know about the fishing hole.

At least 60 people parked their cars on the side of the road in the humid afternoon Wednesday and headed to the water’s edge to throw in their lines. They brought coolers, buckets and bug spray. Within minutes of putting worm to hook, locals were hauling out a freshwater bounty of catfish, drum, bream and carp.

Fishermen grew excited as the water started to rise a few weeks ago, because they knew it meant easy catching, said Brooks Jones, sitting on a cooler by the water with two poles, and earthworms in a spaghetti sauce can. They weren’t worried about their homes, which haven’t flooded. Rosedale—a town of about 2,200 roughly halfway between Vicksburg, Miss., and Memphis, Tenn.—is protected by levees.
Bluegill and bass have also been caught in what the WSJ reported as great fishing. For some of the poorer people of the area, the fishing has been a real boon.

“People come out here, catch fish, then head on home to fry them up for dinner,” Jones told the WSJ.

Jones caught enough bream Wednesday to feed his family of three for the second straight night.

“If the river does flood us out,” Jones joked, “at least we got something out of the deal.”

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