Friday, May 13, 2011

A fishing practical joke involving anglers and an airplane

In fishing, practical jokes are as common as nightcrawlers and Power Bait.

A tug at the fishing line of a friend when they’re not looking, making them think in that instant they’ve got a bite.

Setting the hook on a fictitious bite to get a rise out of your fishing buddy.

Surreptitiously hooking an empty can to the end of your friend’s fishing line. That’s a popular one on ocean charters. The can fills with water and with the current, your friend thinks he’s hooked a jackpot fish.

But none of those can top this practical joke by a very skilled pilot on two unsuspecting anglers sitting in a boat in the middle of a huge lake several years ago.

It’s priceless, and the ending will surprise you:

And unlike those Bill Dance fishing bloopers -- you know, the ones where Bill Dance purposely falls out of the boat and into the water so they can make and sell blooper videos -- this one was definitely NOT fake.

Oh yeah, it’s the real deal. And fantastically funny.

Quite a stunt, no?
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  1. Oh, he got them good! Good thing the plane didn't fail them, otherwise it's one for the aviation accident attorneys.


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