Wednesday, April 27, 2011

World's largest marlin -- 4,500 pounds -- landed in Cabo San Lucas

And it is tail-walking on a cement pedestal for all the world to see -- all 4,500 pounds.

A replica of the largest marlin ever caught and written about recently "landed" at the marina entrance of the Cultural Pavillion of the Republic next to Pisces Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico. 

Pisces Sportfishing, the legendary fishing fleet based in Cabo, donated the colorful statue of the blue marlin with this inscription:
World's Largest Blue Marlin.
This is a replica of the largest marlin ever recorded, caught aboard a longliner in 1976 - 4500 lbs. In Honor of the Magnificent Marlin upon which our town was built.
Donated to the people of Cabo San Lucas by Pisces Sportfishing.
In memory of Pedro Ehrenberg B & Peter Ehrenberg S.
Cabo San Lucas Marlin Capital of the World.
No, this 4,500-pound blue marlin was not taken by rod and reel. The rod-and-reel records weigh considerably less. According to the IGFA fishing records, the world-record Pacific blue marlin is 1,376 pounds taken off Hawaii; and the world-record Atlantic blue marlin is 1,402 pounds taken off Brazil.

This monster marlin was, as the inscription says, taken by a commercial longline fisherman in 1976. According to Pisces Sportfishing, the fish was taken off Venezuela and was so large it had to be cut into three pieces to be weighed. Now that is huge.

CNN iReporter Percy Von Lipinski reported on the unveiling of the fish sculpture in his own comical way, calling it the LeBron James of marlin. Enjoy:

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